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New Catalinbread Blood Donor Guitar Effects Pedal
New Catalinbread Blood Donor Guitar Effects Pedal

New Catalinbread Blood Donor Guitar Effects Pedal
New Catalinbread Blood Donor Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal. This item is new, in box! A message from Catalinbread. 100% PERCENT OF OUR BLOOD DONOR PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO THE RED CROSS. Here at Catalinbread, weve been hard at work coming up with any way we can to help our countrys most vulnerable citizens. Our Blood Donor pedal does just that: we pledge to donate 100 percent of our Blood Donor profits to the Red Cross, along with a little gentle encouragement to give your own blood to the cause. With that said, our Blood Donor is a revamped and fine-tuned version of our venerable Katzenkonig with a slew of changes that truly unlocks the circuits potential. Weve added a carefully selected transistor set that pushes the boundaries of saturation and gain to their electrical limits, giving the old cat a little more fur and bite. The noise floor has been trimmed while widening the utility of all controls, giving an increased range of input sensitivity that mimics the volume knob on your guitar. Effect Overview: Thank you for purchasing the Blood Donor! This circuit is our re-imagining of the Katzenkönig, and was developed to donate to a charitable organization in order to expedite health care services for those in need. If youre finding this manual in your grandparents stuff, access whichever information bank is most convenient and look up the pandemic of 2020. It comes at a time where we realize that everyone needs a hand and thats why 100 percent of our profits from the Blood Donor goes to the American Red Cross. Thank you so much for contributing. The PLEASE control adjusts the filter level, the same as found in rodent-related pedals. Think of it as a presence control in reverse: the brightest settings are found in the earliest part of the dial, with the darkest settings found in the final part of the sweep. The treble content of the Blood Donor has been adjusted to be useful throughout the entire knobs travel. Like the original Katzenkönig, the Blood Donor combines the best elements of a Tone Bender MKII and a Pro Co Rat. Namely, a supercharged silicon Bender circuit and the output section of a Rat. By tweaking the knobs, you can cop everything from a robust, chimey clean tone to full-on high-gain meltdown. This comes at the expense of. You can use any stringed instrument, synthesizer or drum machine all to equal effect with only minor tweaking involved to find the sweet spots. The GIVE control is one of two gain-type controls found in the Blood Donor, but this one is used to adjust the gain generated by the core of the fuzz circuit itself rather than the input saturation. In short, think of it as your main gain control. Its simple: want more volume? Turn the YOUR knob up. The amount of volume given off by the Blood Donor is immense. We promise that the Donor can force even the most stubborn amp into rich breakup. The BLOOD knob controls the amount of input signal sent into the gears of the Blood Donor. The magic of the circuit lies within this knob. Think of it as an extension of your guitars volume knob, but the Blood Donor has more range. You can use this control to temper the heat of the core, in case youre playing active pickups, humbuckers or a line-level instrument. You can also use it to limit the Blood Donors havoc on pedals that follow, such as wahs. Compared to our original Katzenkönig, the Blood Donor offers more gain, less noise, more saturation, more ease of use, and tons of volume, enough to push your amp into breakup without breaking a sweat, allowing your amp to shake hands with the gain easier. Have you ever heard the term input impedance? If you havent, the technical stuff isnt super necessary for our purposes, but it does correspond to how well a certain pedal will function when following certain other types of pedals. For example, wah pedals are very finicky about the pedals that follow them, otherwise their sweep seizes up. The Blood control adjusts this non-audible value while also adjusting input gain, so mess around with this knob if youre having trouble with your wah and Blood Donor failing to get along. The Blood control is very close to the volume control on your guitar, so if youre the type of player that is constantly riding your volume control, you would likely get better results from the Blood Donor by leaving the Blood knob at maximum or close to it. If you prefer the sound of fuzz into a cranked amp (and lets be real, who doesnt), the Blood Donor has a neat trick up its sleeve in the form of otherworldly amounts of volume when cranked. No matter if you leave your amps volume in the extreme lower digits, the Blood Donor will easily push your amp into the throes of creamy distortion if you really want. The Blood Donor is capable of running anywhere from 9 to 18 volts DC. Make sure your adapter or power supply offers the required voltage with a negative center. Dont worry about the current draw (measured in milliamps), the Blood Donor requires >10mA, even at 18 volts. You can also use a battery if you so wish. The item “New Catalinbread Blood Donor Guitar Effects Pedal” is in sale since Tuesday, April 21, 2020. This item is in the category “Musical Instruments & Gear\Guitars & Basses\Parts & Accessories\Effects Pedals\Distortion & Overdrive”. The seller is “citymusicsteve” and is located in Leominster, Massachusetts. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • MPN: Blood Donor Distortion
  • To Fit: Acoustic Electric Guitar
  • Model: Blood Donor Distortion
  • Brand: Catalinbread
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Type: Overdrive
  • California Prop 65 Warning: WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

New Catalinbread Blood Donor Guitar Effects Pedal